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Re the yearly publication of  Knocknagoshal Celt, Then and Now by Luke Keane and I was very interested in it. For years I have been trying to figure out where to get a copy of this magazine. I'd be interested in getting copies of past editions, too, since my  O'Connor ancestors come from there. Do you know where I can get them from?

Pat McHale - South Florida.  e-mail



Would anyone have info on this couple from Listowel in Co Kerry

13/April/1846 in Listowel, Co Kerry..



Kay and Joe,

Received from my cousin Billy a copy of the very entertaining "Lyre Journal. It was great reading the numerous items and viewing the various photos.
Of the many items, one that was a big surprise to me was the enrolment at Lyre school, when I was there we had 103 on the rolls in 1956 -"57.

Thanks for another fine edition. Was wondering how I could contact Pat Brosnan, or acquire the CD by George Langan with Pat's composition "The Lights of Carrigkerry".

Wishing you and all my relations and friends around the Lyreacrompane area, a healthy and prosperous New Year.

God Bless, native son,

Willie Murphy.

(We have passed on George's address to William)


I am still looking for Shanahans, Scanlons, Stacks and Enrights of County Kerry! I cannot believe that my GG Grandfather Patrick Shanahan (1825 to 1907), the 3rd of 14 children born to Patrick Shanahan and Margaret Neil lost complete touch with his siblings but for the last 25 years, I have not found the name of a single one of his siblings.

Oh well, it is a new year and maybe I will get lucky this year.


I am trying to find information on Carmody. William Michael Carmody was born County Kerry (townland and parish unknown) supposedly on June 28,1834 (I have no documentation to support the date). Apparently came to Canada in 1863 where he married a Margaret Whalen who was born in Ireland in 1837 (County unknown). She shows up in Ontario, Canada in the 1852 Census. I am trying to locate anybody that would have a connection to this family.

Jim Corrigan


Hi Joe and Kay,

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Four Elms in Lyreacrompane on Saturday night, the 10th of December, for the launch of the Lyreacrompane Journal. It will I'm sure be a sell out, for it's a journal that has everything including excellient photographs.
I enjoyed the entertainment especialy the Brush Dance by Pat Lyons and the antics of the two Johns, John Paul and John Neville. The other Neville, Ultan, with Mick Naughton kept the music going, and the entertainment all round was great.

Up Lyre.
Tommy Quille,
Limerick and Lyreacrompane.


Dear Joe


Just a quick note to let you know I have been going through your web site .....excellent.    I had better introduce myself....Michael's daughter Kitty from Ballyrehan. 


All the best, God Bless





You might remember that I contacted you a couple of months ago about my husband and I moving to Lyre. Well we have finally bought our house in Muingwee, it needs a lot of work but we are looking forward to moving to the area. I just thought I would let you know.

Best wishes

Mary Jones



Hi Kerry people:


Is anyone available to do a lookup up in 1901 or 1911 Kerry censes - Preferably 1901.


Kilfeighny Parish  Townlands of Braumaddra (Bromodera/Brommodera) and Lyracrumpane  (Lyrecrumpane)


Looking for John Howard married to Mary or Margaret Walsh;


Known children are John Daniel Dora Julia Thomas Edward.  Another daughter who married a Hickey, don't seem to have a given name on her.

Two of the sons John and Daniel left around 1901, but they were back and forth a few times so they could be in either or neither censes. Dora and Julia came later and both should be in the 1901 census. I believe that Thomas, Edward and the other daughter all stayed in Ireland.


Appreciate any help one can give.



Nan   E-mail:

Hello All,

I'm helping a friend out from Australia. She has a Timothy Cronin b1834 Castleisland Co Kerry......son of Timothy Cronin.  If anyone has an interest in this name in Castleisland or can help us further I would be delighted to hear from you. Best regards, Kevin. Kevin McCormack, Co Cork, Ireland


My father, J. Cyril O'Connor, had a best friend in Rockaway Beach, New York named Edward Talbot Nolan. As a young girl I remember them making fun remarks about being cousins but I can't confirm that. Cyril died in 1969 and I believe Ed died before that. Ed and his wife had one daughter. I sent her a letter over a year ago but she never answered me. (I know she's alive and well because she's in a church group with a good friend of mine but she obviously doesn't want to participate, if you know what I mean). Does the name Edward Talbot Nolan fall from anyone's family tree?


John Thomas Doody born Circa 1860-62  in Listowel Co Kerry, second son of Thomas Doody from Listowel. Found a Thomas Doody that came here to Australia, born 1857 in Listowel, Father Thomas Doody too, Mother Catherine. 

My Grandmother was Catherine Doody, first born child of John Thomas Doody. I'm thinking this Thomas Doody who was born in Listowel Co Kerry May have been my Johns brother or cousin, though Thomas went to another State in Australia.

Question. With Irish naming patterns if my lot followed them, My Grandmother Catherine Doody being first born daughter and child of John Doody, would she have been named after John's mother??? I was named after my Grandmother. Love to find someone else researching Doody in Listowel or Co Kerry, Thinking maybe name might have originally been O'Dowd. Anyone know the origin of the names O'Dowd or Doody  in Ireland?

Thank you Regards from Australia,Cathy


My ggrandmother was a Reidy and her husband was a Dillon. She was from near Knocknagoshel in Kerry and he was from Limerick, probably parish of Glin.
Does any of that sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks. Rosemary (


I am looking for information regarding Julia Bunce b 1868 in Listowel.    Came to US about 1880 Married Thomas Fitzgerald




I discovered your web site by accident. But glad I did.  The pictures are really good. Keep up the good work.

John,   Kilcummin.



I found the following extract from a local 'alphabet' song about the murder of a landlord. It's quoted in a book. 'Songs of Irish Rebellion', the source being the 'Times' issue of 17th.February,1886... A is for Arthur who was shot in the heart. B is for Bullett that shot him down smart. C is for Constables who came in great haste. D is for Davis  who was first at the place. E is for English who mourn his loss. F for the Fatal spot. Lisheenbawn Cross.


Declan O' Connor




My husband and I are looking at moving to the area. We have been looking at properties and we are very keen on a couple in Lyreacrompane.

We were just looking for advice on the area - if anyone has moved over from the UK. My husband is Irish but I am not and was just worried about not knowing anyone in the area.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Mary


(Any replies to Mary can be sent to or to and we will pass them on)





Hi Joe & Kay

It is great to be able to log in to Lyreacrompane.  I was born and reared in Lyre.  I was Nash before I married.   Michael & Lizzie Nash were my parents so that makes you Joe and I cousins so keep up the good work.  I meet Helen on Sunday night. She is looking forward to her holidays.  Hope to hear from you




Good day,

I'm researching DOODY From Co Kerry, From Duagh and Listowel.. Thomas Doody Married a Catherine????from Duagh Co Kerry Circa 1850+..One of their Sons Thomas Doody came here to Australia, he was Born 1857 Thinking this Particularly Thomas Doody Connects was my ggrandfather John Doody who was born Circa 1862,in Listowel, Father Thomas Doody, Mother ???..In newspaper here found the Marriage of my John Doody stating he was second son of Thomas Doody of Listowel Co Kerry.. This Thomas Doody  came here to Australia in 1880s as did my ggrandfather John Doody. Both were butchers here. My Grandmother was CATHERINE DOODY.  John Doody's Eldest Daughter was Called KIT. The Thomas Doody who came here to Australia also had Daughter Catherine, who was also called KIT.  I'm wondering if my John may have been Thomas Younger Brother or maybe Cousin or somehow related. Any info to




Hello All,


Would anyone have any information regarding Timothy Cronin who was
buried in January 1916 in Kilfeighney cemetery. I would love to know if
there is a headstone for this gentleman. I thought I would ask around before
setting off on this journey myself sometime in the future. Is Kilfieighney
the parish?............genuki seems a bit confusing.




(Any replies to )


Hello from Tarbert,


Thank you very much for sending photo of Chloe and Blossie. Yes we did enjoy dog show at the Dan Paddy Andy Festival.  It was much bigger than we expected. We will be there again next year. Thanks very much


Regards Catriona Griffin



Hi Joe and Kay,

Just going through your website, makes me homesick, never knew there was so many birds in Lyre, also all the other wildlife .  The whole site is so very interesting.  It's good to be able to check in and find out what's happening

Really enjoyed it.

Regards  Helen. Brisbane, Australia




Looking for any information on John Lyons who married my ggf sister Hanora Walsh Feb 14 1885 in Ballybunion. Hanora was from Coolkeragh - daughter of Thomas Walsh and Catherine Mulvihill and John was the son of Patrick Lyons of Duagh. Any connections?




Thought you might like a verse about a famous Australian bushranger.  It's called Morgan and was written by an Edward Harrington.


James Murphy (Perth and Knocknagashel)

When Morgan crossed the Murray to Peechelba and doom
A sombre silent shadow rode with him through the gloom.
The wild things of the forest slunk from the outlaw's track,
The boobook croaked a warning, "Go back, go back, go back!"
It woke no answering echo in Morgan's blackened soul,
As onward through the darkness he rode towards his goal.

An evil man was Morgan, a price was on his head;
The simple bush-folk whispered his very name with dread;
Before the fierce Dan Morgan the bravest man might quake-
A cold and callous killer, he killed for killing's sake. .
Past swamp and creek and gully, and settler's lone abode,
Towards the station homestead the grim Dan Morgan rode.

And still that hooded horseman that Morgan could not see,
Watched by the wild bush-creatures, rode close beside his knee.
Before them in a clearing a drover's campfire burned:
The phantom rode with Morgan, and turned when Morgan turned.
And loud the boobook's warning came on the cold night air,
"Go back, go back, Dan Morgan. Beware, beware, beware!"

He reached the station homestead, into the hall he strode,
And on his evil features, the flickering lamplight glowed.
"Into one room!" he thundered. Bring me a glass of grog!
If any disobey me I'll shoot him like a dog!"
With pistols cocked and ready, dark-eyed and beetle-browed-
Before the famous outlaw the bravest hearts were cowed.

All night with loaded pistols he dozed and muttered there,
All night the evil shadow stood close behind his chair.
The brave Scotch girl McDonald, a lass who knew no fear,
Slipped out unseen by Morgan to warn the homesteads near.
And in the hours of darkness, before the break of dawn,
Around the fierce Dan Morgan the fatal net was drawn.

Day broke upon the Murray, the morning mists were gone,
The magpies sang their matins, the river murmured on.
When Morgan left the homestead and neared the stockyard gate
He heard the boobooks warning, and turned but turned to late -
For Quinlan pressed the trigger as Morgan swung around,
And sent the grim bushranger blaspheming to the ground.

So fell the dread Dan Morgan in Eighteen sixty-five,
In death as much unpitied as hated when alive.
He lived by blood and plunder, an outlaw to the end;
In life he showed no mercy, in death he left no friend.
And all who seek to follow in Morgan's evil track
Should heed the boobook's warning: "Go back, go back, go back!"


My name is Julie Nolan I am looking for my  grandmother by the name of Catherine Casey. She born around 1933 or 1934. Her father's name was Timothy Casey.  She married in 1954 to Nolan (my grandfather) in England. I am lead to believe that she was brought up in Lyreacrompane. This is all the information I have that family members have told me.


I am look for a actual date of birth or anymore information. Is there anyway of getting hold of church records.   Are any of the family  living in the area.


I know you must get a number of request asking for this sort information but I  would be very grateful if someone could help me.   



Julie Nolan


(We are delighted that progress has been made on the above request)



I have been checking the Lyre site and like  the updates. Was tuned on Sunday evening to Radio Kerry and the show from the "Four Elms". Very good, unfortunately I will be unable to tune in next Sunday evening as we will be out of state with no access to a computer. I understand my sister-in-law Noreen Murphy will be singing a number in that segment of the show, sorry that I will miss it.

Anyway keep up the good work and say "Hi" to Joe,

Bill Murphy (USA)


 Looking for the Stacks Mountains


Wondering if anyone could help me. My grandfather is Edward Stack who
recently passed away and I'm writing a genealogy on him. He had once
told me that in Ireland (we are over in the USA) my great- great- etc
father was an arch bishop and that he named a mountain range after our
family - the Stack Mountains. I came across you site and wondered if you know of them?
Much appreciated,


The townland of Stacks Mountains is in County Kerry just south of the Tralee/Listowel Road about half ways between the towns.  The mountains (really hills) of that name are centred on that townland and stretch for a few miles southwards.  If any one knows how the Stacks Mountains came to get their name please let us know and we will pass on the info to Justin.  (Ed)

Wind Turbines


I was driving through Lyreacrompane recently and and couldn't help but notice all the wind turbines.  I wonder what the people of the area think of these and is there any Don Quixotes out there tilting at them?

Gail O'Brien  Fenit

Any comments on Gail's observations. (Ed)       

Lanes of Mount Eagle


I’m wondering if anyone would have any information on Lanes of Mt Eagle Brosna. I am searching for uncles.  Michael Lane was born around 1904. He joined the Connacht Rangers out in Germany but I have no dates of when he joined. I do know he died at home at the age of 18 or 19. His parents were Michael Lane and Nora Donoghue. I am also looking for information on a train accident that occurred in Rugby England about 1950, which killed my Uncle Aeneas Lane. He was taken home to be buried. Wondering if there was anything in old news papers about this?  If anyone has any information on this family I would be grateful to hear from them.


If you can help  contact us at and we will put you in contact with Maggie.  (Ed)

Listowel Writers group

Hi all,

Just to let everyone know that the Listowel Writers Group meets at the Seanachaie Centre in the Square on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Sessions are very informal and all efforts are appreciated with the emphasis being on constructive criticism and the enjoyment of writing, both prose and poetry.  New members will be made very welcome.

Thanks for the space,
Mike Gallagher

See Links and Lyrics Page for one of Mikes songs.  Anyone interested in Listowel Writers Group should e-mail  and we will pass on the message to Mike. (Ed)


I am seeking relatives of Timothy Hartnett born in 1877 in Duagh, the son of Timothy Hartnett and Mary Barry (daughter of Garrett Barry). I will be visiting Duagh in May and would like to meet with anyone having a connection to the Hartnett family.  Our grandmother was Timothy's sister. 


Mary Bergin


If you can help  contact us at and we will put you in contact with Mary.  (Ed)

Great stuff Kay - I really enjoyed reading Lyre news , etc.,

Val  (Sceal Na Mona)

Dear Kay and Joe

Your site is off to a fabulous start - the pictures of landscapes and wildlife really set it off and give a wonderful "feel" for the land. It is very inviting for the new viewer and no doubt very nostalgic for those who already know it's many pleasures and residents. Congratulations!

By the way, Dad always said he was born in Lyreacrompane. His original Birth Certificate shows Clahane Lisbret. Clahane Lisbret is not  in the townlands listed on your Home Page. Is the name just outside the borders of Lyre or missed off the listing or spelt differently or disappeared over the years?

I noticed a note on the Message Board from Helen and Nick (down under).

Best wishes

Tom and Rosemary Nash  in Sydney.

The hand writing on Birthcerts can often be difficult to make out.    The townland referred to is Cloghaneliskirt.  The English language spelling for Cloughan (which means a small stone hut) is Clahane.  Oral history has it that Eliskert was the name of a monk who lived in such a hut there.  The reason for believing it to be a monk is that the next townland is called Cloughannagleragh - The stone hut of the clerics. (Ed)

Dear Kay,

Thanks for the website update; I look forward to reading it.  We hope to come to Ireland in the next year or two for a visit as Bill hasn't been to Kerry. All the best for 2005,

Diane Barnett  Texas

A chara

My name is John Doran and I am seeking any in formation on the family of Michael Doran born c1818, married Mary Burke (Bourke) 25 Feb 1838 Castleisland Co Kerry both aged 20yrs. Who were Michael's family and did he have any siblings. Michael and Mary arrive Australia between 1838 and 1842, a son David was born 1842 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, so he says on his marriage registration. There is no way of checking if this is true as the RC records for this period no longer exist. Michael is not on the convicts list. I remain forever,

Yours for Ireland

John Doran

Replys to


My name is Martin Mahoney. I was born and reared in Muingaminane. While surfing the net I came upon your web site. It was a joy to browse the site and it brought back a lot of memories. I am very much interested in ordering your music and Journal. Please let me know how. Is it possible to order the back issues of the journal?.

Your help in this will be greatly appreciated.


Martin Mahoney.

Dear Kay

I would like to compliment you on your website, it really is wonderful.  I would also like to offer a suggestion: I think your website would be more popular and visited more often if it was a bit more interactive. It would be great if it included genealogy, and message boards - even chat. 

I am probably related to half of Lyre. My Grandmother, Julia Morrissey (Kirby) was from Maugha. Her mother was O'Connor.  (We still have cousins in Maugha).   I am currently living in the Dominican Republic.

Anyway, to make a long story short.  I was thrilled to see your website, and hope that it becomes more of a reunion page in the future.

All the best,

Veronica Cassidy Barry   (probably a long lost cousin)

Delighted that is now more interactive as suggested by Veronica.  So keep your messages coming and let us know if we should publish your full name and e-mail address.  (Ed)

Hi Joe and Kay,

Just a few words to wish you all the best for the Festival this year. Would love to have been there to celebrate with you.  But you never know!  Hello to all my family and school friends from Lyreacrompane.

Cheers from Down Under. Helen and Nick

I just logged on to your website.  It is very impressive,  I want to walk along the Carrig bog road the next time I'm at home in Ireland TG.

Sincerely, Patrick in Chicago


Just a couple of items from a stormy Renagown. The poem I submit knowing your concern for the environment. Portnard is up in the Tipperary hills but the sentiments could apply to almost any townland in the country. Getting paid to travel around our beautiful countryside is brilliant - the downside is that I also witness its wanton destruction, often for greed.

Cheers,      Mike Gallagher.


Past Dromkeen’s crossroad willow,
Past the post for Towerhill’s graves;
Distant Slievefelim’s dappled palette
Draws me to its sunflecked ridge.
On to a three-signed cross-take the fourth-
Rise through rough scrubland, and,
Interspersed, privet pastures,
Shelters for broody bays.
Virgin territory this;
Pink and yellow piles
Are shoehorned into the hillside;
Proxy (and poxy) Palladian villas
Bereft of harmony,
Bestow bungled bliss on
Boors of lesser taste.
And yet,
Just beyond the last Granny studio,
Gravel supplants tarmac;
Gaudy reflectors yield to
Sun absorbent browns and olives,
For here is rest and still and time.
Aiteann and hawthorn
Repel the advance of mongrel hybrids.
Designer gates give way to pallets,
Barbed boughs and rusted gaps,
Offering glimpses of a bygone land.
Uphill, a herd of mountainy cows,
Red bodiced, white skirted,
Rummages amongst stones
For scarce sustenance.
On the rim of a hoof-hole
A robin plays tug-of-war
With an elastic worm;
Through a hedge window,
Framed by blackthorns,
Flies jive in sunshine’s ballroom.
A rook commander
Caw-caws to his legions,
Quarrels with my presence.
Quickly, fence posts are hijacked
And dark hordes skim the hillside,
Cherokees to my John Wayne.
But, looking farther up the gravel path,
An electric totem
Has already scouted new territory;
Nature’s reservation is diminished
And the cavalry’s invasion of Ancient Ireland
Charges on – blinkered? No!

Mike Gallagher March 05




Hi Kay,
Just checking on the "Lyreacrompane" site about the upcoming "Dan Paddy Andy" festival. Saw among a group photo three cousins of mine, Phil, Maureen and Kathleen. Enclosed are some more of the "Murphy's, my two granddaughters, Mackenzie on the left and Madison on right and "Papa Murphy".


William Murphy







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