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Lyreacrompane Heritage Group

The aim of the Group is to preserve and promote the built, environmental and cultural uniqueness of Lyreacrompane and the general Stacks and Glenaruddery mountains area.

Update on Glen School Project August 16, 2019

Plans for the renovation of the Old Glen Schoolhouse have been discussed for a while now in the community and moves have been undertaken to move the project forward. The building, which dates from around the Great Famine, is a protected structure, and planning permission has been granted to develop the building as a place where the Heritage and Culture of the Stacks and Glenarruddery mountains can be showcased as it was in the past and enjoyed as it is today.

The plan is to develop the building as an intimate and interesting space that can facilitate certain forms of community activity to help overcome social isolation and exclusion and as a place to showcase the unique culture and heritage of the Stacks and Glenaruddery Mountains.

The renovated building will fill a void that exists in the district for an intimate/friendly space for both locals and visitors to meet, develop skills, share knowledge and learn of the fascinating history of the many aspects of life as it was and is being lived in this expansive district of blanket bogland and upland environment. It will combine the role of a valuable tool for local people with the role of a place  that will allow the community, a mainly older community, to interact with those who are seeking and interested in a visitor product that highlights a unique environment and landscape and the culture and heritage that developed in that landscape.

The Lyreacrompane Heritage group met again this week to discuss the project and make further plans. The dozen members who attended were given an up-to-date report that showed that fundraising was progressing well and the feasibility study was discussed. A variety of new ideas were suggested at the meeting and all these will be on the mix when final decisions are being made. In the meantime the proceeds from the Dan Paddy Andy Festival 2019 5K/10K Run/Walk were, this year, allocated to the fund to renovate the Schoolhouse as a Heritage House.

The Feasibility Study mentioned above can be accessed by clicking on this link...    

Substantial fundraising has been carried out and anyone, at home or abroad, who would like to support the project, or find out more about it, should contact the Chair (087 285 3570) of The Lyreacrompane Heritage Group, Lyreacrompane, Listowel, Co. Kerry or E-mail 

The Lyre Heritage Group supports a number of community projects in Lyreacrompane...

 - The Lyreacrompane and District Journal which researches,  records and preserves the story of the Lyreacrompane district. Click here  The deadline for the next Journal is October 1st, 2019 and articles and photos are welcome.

 - The four day Dan Paddy Andy Festival of music and dance Click here which also includes the Bog Walk with its Heritage Talks, display of old time turf cutting by sleán and tae in the bog.    Also, for a short promotional video of our Festival click on the following link

- The recording and publishing of the music and songs of the area. Click here and the promotion of local traditional talent through the Irish Rambling House shows and trips to entertain the exiles in England  

- The upkeep and updating of this website.

- The renovation and preservation of the old Glen Schoolhouse for which we have Planning Permission. (see below)

- In 2014 we funded repairs to Lyre Grotto  and this year we have received some funding toward the work of removing Japanese Knotweed which is infesting our local streams and rivers. Click here We were invited to organise the reunion of former Lyreacrompane National School pupils to mark the 50th anniversary of its opening Click here.

- We are co-ordinating efforts to eleminate the invasive Japanese Knotweed along the stretch of road through Lyreacrompane and results so far have been good.

- We have carried out tidying up and painting work on the Lyreacrompane Bridge in both 2017 and 2018.


The Old Glen Schoolhouse

The Glen Schoolhouse is a protected structure (the only one in the area) and we are delighted to  see it features in the fabulous new publication by Kerry County Council entitled  The Home Place - an inventory of Traditional Rural Architecture in North and East Kerry.

                  Page 72 of  The Home Place.

Recently we engaged Architectural Conservation Professionals to plan the appropriate  renovation of the building and we now have Planning Permission from Kerry County Council.

The aim is to renovate the  building as a place  where the heritage of the Stacks and Glanaruddery Mountains can be displayed. This would include...

The story of the Landlord’s agent, Lucy Ann Thompson, and the Lyreacrompane evictions during the Land War of the 1880s. The plan to set up an artillery range based on the clearance of Lyreacrompane farms by Thompson.

The Landlords of Lyreacrompane from the Fitzmaurices, Barons and Earls of Kerry (1400s to 1780s to the Lockes of Norbury (1780s - 1857) and the Hurlys (1857 - 1911)

The story of the
Glen Schoolhouse – Education, Worship & Politics.

The story of the
Butter Road on which the schoolhouse stands.

Pairlement Chloinne Tomas, a 17th century work of Gaelic  prose set in the Stacks Mountains.


The story of Blanket Bog, the  unique environment of the area and The powerhouse of Kerry – From the first machine produced turf in Ireland to Wind Farms.

The story of
Dan Paddy Andy O’Sullivan - the last of the great Irish Matchmakers – and the annual festival of that name.

The history of the Lyreacrompane RIC Barracks

The story of  the Principle Keeper of New York’s 
Sing Sing Prison – A man from Lyreacrompane.

The story of
Amelia Wilmot (nee Canty), of Lyreacrompane  and her indispensable role in the War of Independence in North Kerry and the story of the Lyreacrompane man whose death influenced Padraig Pearce to surrender in 1916. 

The Stacks and Glenarrudery Mountains have a story to tell that will be of interest to many visitor types to Kerry. There is no other museum/heritage building in the general Stacks/Glenaruddery Mountains area.

The Lyreacrompane Heritage Group has Charitable Status and is actively seeking funding for this project.

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