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Memories of Our School Days


Hi Everyone,

Have a great weekend hope you get nice weather for the Hooley on the hill, Hope the reunion goes well.

Sorry I canít be with you it would be great to catch  up with old school mates.

Love to all
Mary( Nash) Orr



Thank you so much for trying to get in contact with us with regard to the up and coming reunion. William Scott has passed on the message from you.

Unfortunately I'm afraid that Katie Beer, myself (previously Patsyanne Beer) and Jo Beer (previously Johanna Hickey) will be unable to attend as we are going to Lourdes that weekend. It's such a shame that these two events clash as we would love to have come.

I have such fond memories of my time at that school one of which was waiting for Miss Nolan each morning so I could carry her bags into school for her. And also the impromptu Christmas nativity that I put on; that was fun! I also enjoyed it when some of the teachers were not available. The older pupils would have to 'look after' other classes - strangely enough this activity has probably held us in good stead for future life even though that was not the intention at the time.

What are previous teachers and students going now? I would love to know how everyone is getting on.

Wishing you all a fantastic time and we hope it all goes well for you. Please pass on my regards to those that were around in my year.

Patsyanne (Beer) Lynch



I canít see myself in the picture you sent me.  I think I saw James.  I wore glasses.  I went to school with Martina Cotter, Ester Ahern, Mary Murphy, Helen Harrington (known as Nellie back then), Thomas Dillon and Donald Joyce. I was only one year in the new school.

One of my best memories was meeting up with Nellie at the Grotto and walking to school together. We had a lot to talk about (still do). My best friend was Martina Cotter but we lost touch until last year.

One other thing I loved was when it rained heavily Master Hannifin would have to send us, the Nashís, home early as the river would flood and we would not be able to cross it at Spur.

I would love to have been able to make the reunion but Australia is a long way.

Have a great day and night and pass on my regards to all.

Love Mary (Nash) Orr  -


 Hi Everybody,

Fifty years! How time flies. Just shows how old we all are.  I would love to have been there to celebrate this milestone with you all.  I actually loved going to school, it was a long walk but it didnít seem to worry us. We used to stop at the bridge on the way home and fish. Donít  remember ever catching anything but we had fun.  Every now and then we used to get a ride home from Timmy Horgan on his donkey and cart. It was a slow ride but we thought it was fantastic. They were the olden days. Anyway have a great time and I look forward to catching up with you next year at the Dan Paddy Andy festival when I return for another visit home.

Cheers from down under.

Helen Schisas aka Nellie Harrington -


Hi Schoolmates and Neighbours,

Iím disappointed that I will miss the reunion celebration. I had booked my flight home prior to knowing the reunion plans. Have many memories of my time in Lyre School.

On my first day in 1950 I, along with members of the Hickey family, got a ride from Master Leo Stack.  Started out like so many others in Mrs Hannah Sheehyís class, in the school room on the left side of the building, my seat mate was Sean "Bawn" McElligott and later Pat O'Loughlin.

I recall on one occasion while on lunch/playtime engaging in a game of lorries where one boy would hold on to the back of another boy's coat and would run around the yard.  I was holding on to Jackie Walsh who was a few years older and bigger than me when he ran out to the edge of the yard and made a sudden turn, taking the legs out from under me and I taking a tumble down the little hill towards the road. I did not play that game anymore with older boys.

In those first years it was known that I had this innocent crush on Lilly "Blondie" Roche. The older girls would bring her by the door as we went out to lunch. The   girls played on the left side of the school and the boys on the right. I remember in the morning we would see Mrs Sheehy arrive in a new shining V.W driven by her daughter and I have memories of  the postman delivering her letters. She had a son (I think Brendan) in the U.S. army who was stationed in Korea.  She would be so happy and would have a smile on her face as she read them.  Master Stack was replaced by Master Padraig Keane, which was great for my family, the Hickey's, my cousins, Jer Murphy's family and my O'Connell cousins.  We got a ride to and from school in his van. When he left he was replaced by Liam O'Callaghan an interesting teacher who was into football and helped the Lyre team win the parish cup. He used to roll his own cigarettes and the paper would get wet and he would have difficulty getting it to stay lit (you could smoke in classroom then). After school he used to take some of us footing his turf up near Castleisland. 

On Friday evenings we would push back the big partition that divided the two big classrooms  and set up the seats for Sunday mass while the new church was been constructed.

Many happy days until September 5th 1956 when Joe Dillon Goulding came to the school to take me and my brother home due to the unexpected death of our mother.  Shortly after that was the end of my time at Lyre as I was kept home to help  with my two younger sisters and brother and my dear father. Then some eight years later I emigrated to New Jersey, U.S.A., became a Police Officer, married and had three sons, sadly lost the youngest in 1990 to C.F.  I am now retired, enjoying the grandchildren and my trips home.

Bill Murphy -

PS The rolls during my time was as much 100 to 103.  There was three rooms in operation. The third teacher then was Miss Mary Ellen McKenna, besides Mrs Sheehy, Master's Stack, Keane, and O'Callaghan. I had Mary Ellen just for singing.

Other classmates I recall was my cousin Bernie of course and Kathleen, Mary Joe Ahern, Thomas Hickey, Joe and Sheila, Mike Joe Quill, the Keane brothers, Pat Buckley and Margaret, Bertie Costello, Mike Mangan, Joe Doran and Billy, the Somers, Ned, Paddy, Betty and Angela, Ned Murphy, Patsy Canty and Catherine, Chris and Joan O'Connell, Annie Nolan, Bridie Barry, Bridget Moloney, and Mike, Nora Rose and Joan Doran and of course the Roche sisters Mary and Lillie.
Once again, Have a great get together all and remain well.


Hi All,

My memories is of Mrs. Sheehy with her tuning fork declaring that I couldn't sing a note and clearing me out of the classroom. What a very observant woman.

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend
Pat Moriarty -


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